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My Respect for this Character and his Creator by echodvcc My Respect for this Character and his Creator :iconechodvcc:echodvcc 2 0 Soprussiagetscancer by echodvcc Soprussiagetscancer :iconechodvcc:echodvcc 1 2 It Was My Voice by echodvcc It Was My Voice :iconechodvcc:echodvcc 1 0 He Was My Best Friend by echodvcc He Was My Best Friend :iconechodvcc:echodvcc 3 0 Until They Are Free by echodvcc Until They Are Free :iconechodvcc:echodvcc 1 0 Balloons / So Many Years by echodvcc Balloons / So Many Years :iconechodvcc:echodvcc 11 5 Balloons Raw by echodvcc Balloons Raw :iconechodvcc:echodvcc 1 0 Girl And Flute by echodvcc Girl And Flute :iconechodvcc:echodvcc 1 0 Glow Quick Draw by echodvcc Glow Quick Draw :iconechodvcc:echodvcc 1 0 Marker Test by echodvcc Marker Test :iconechodvcc:echodvcc 1 0 Boy And String Marker Pen Test by echodvcc Boy And String Marker Pen Test :iconechodvcc:echodvcc 3 5
APH: Revelation Chapter Two
    “Master Italy.”
    The nation looked up and smiled. “How many times have I told you to call me Feliciano? Our friendship is almost no different than before.”
    The young man by the name of Niccolo simply grinned. “You have a visitor.”
    Italy dashed up to the gate when he saw who it was. “Gilbert! What are you doing here?”
    “It took a lot of begging, but they said I could be your personal servant.”
    “You know each other?”
    “Yes, he's my human friend from Germany. Did you think being Italy means I'm only limited to befriending my people. Gilbert this is my very best friend Niccolo, Niccolo, Gilbert.” The guards let them in.
    “So anyway, my brother is away on business, and since I was bored, he suggested that I try and get another job; you know, since I'm not teaching anymore. I decided that you migh
:iconechodvcc:echodvcc 3 0
APH: It's Not Him
    Gilbert takes a deep breath and raps on the door. Now, there is no turning back. It is quickly opened.
   “I thought you'd show up eventually, but not this soon.”
    The albino laughs and embraces his brother for the first time since the war, which is now over, began.
    “So, what brings you here so early?”
    “I need to show you something.”
    A small face peeks out from behind the Prussian's legs, and Roderich's face grows pale. “You're supposed to be dead... How did you...” The man is very shaken up.
    “Can we come in?”
    “Yes, yes. Of course.” The three of them go into the parlor.
    “What is this, ? How is the Empire still alive?”
    “That's what I wanted to tell you about. One moment he's not breathing, clearly dead, and next thing you know I'm being awaken from my grief sleep by
:iconechodvcc:echodvcc 4 0
APH: Cruel Fate
Summary: Gilbert says goodbye to a friend he made during his three months in gulag.
A.N. has more info. It was rather interesting.

    I bring the ax down for what must be the hundereth time today, though three months is far too long to still be keeping count. Clap! Clap! Clap! The sound never leaves, even in my sleep. My only relief is that this will be the last time I have to do this horrible job. With a final swing, I fall to the ground. My Nation Strength is used up, making way for the sickness to take control. Happily, I surrender to sleep.
    I awake in my bunk. Turning my head, I nudge the man next to me to see if he's still alive.
    He responds with a low moan.
    “How are you doing?” As if I need to ask.
    “Worse. I don't think I'll live to see morning.” My comrade hacks multiple times before continuing “It's so unfair, isn't it, surviving so long. I actually thought
:iconechodvcc:echodvcc 0 0
APH: Revelation Chapter One
Summary: Proof of the nation's existence has been discovered and Italy is constantly pestered into revealing his friends identities. To make matters worse, summer is coming, and the nations are forced to choose between defending their right to live private lives as citizens or relieving Prussia of the burden of dying alone knowing his friends are still in captivity.
    Italy's fingers inched their way along the knotted, blood stained rope in a vain effort to once again escape the awful reality. (Not his blood, but he had a feeling it wouldn't be long.) Yes, his brother was safe, hiding with the more powerful nations on their secret island off the coast of England. That didn't do anything to help the ache of loneliness, of fear and despair in the “young boy's” heart. Yes, he was surrounded by all the luxuries he ever wanted; servants caring to his every need: “Of course, Master Italy! Right away, Your Greatness!” It didn't remove or even came cl
:iconechodvcc:echodvcc 4 2
Hetaoni Sheet Music: Fairy Taler by echodvcc Hetaoni Sheet Music: Fairy Taler :iconechodvcc:echodvcc 14 2

Random Favourites

They were freaks of nature.
Ancient Greece realized this first as she watched her city, her lovely, lovely Athens, fall to the plague. It became clearer as Socrates committed suicide, and Sparta took over her once intellectual, gorgeous city and things began to crumble apart. She was quietly grateful when the old ways began to fade away and she could leave the burden of being against the laws of the world to her son.
Germania figured it out second while studying Rome – his roots as a small town owned by the Etruscans, his start as a republic that shifted to a monarchy, his battles. Rome fell, and as he watched Rome sicken and waste away, Germania mused that it was unnatural for someone human in form to be so connected to the land.
China thought about it for years as he silently stood witness to the falls of Greece, of Rome, and even most of the Germanic tribes. They were unusual, he concluded. It was strange for them to feel the pains of the population as a whole, and yet, when st
:iconwildwolfmoon94:WildWolfMoon94 55 50
Mature content
Log of the End of the World :iconwildwolfmoon94:WildWolfMoon94 255 149
The Ghost of Gilbert: the Choice
Time After Death: 46 min
Location: Home
Companion: Death
       A young looking man passed through the hallway of his home. He was making his way to the living room. The small television sitting in the corner had been off and the fireplace had flames crackling, popping lively. Flames gossiping with each other as to why the blonde haired man whose company they had been in, abandoned the book he had been devoured by earlier.
      A gray haired cat curled in a corner ears flicking at the slight sound the silver haired man’s footsteps made. The cat lifted its head when the blonde came into the room, walking briskly past the other. The blonde’s fingers stumbled along the keys of a handset home phone, dialing a number and trying to keep a type of composure.
      “Elizaveta?” The man’s voice was cracked but still able to make syllables.
      “What’s wrong Ludwig?” The woman on t
:iconpeaceofthemoon:peaceofthemoon 9 2
It's not my fault: Chapter 3
Chapter 3
I’m sooooooooooooo sorry for not updating this story in so long. I guess I just had a big writer’s block and I didn’t know what to write, but I thought that enough was enough and that I needed to update this story. Hetalia does not belong to me.
“Oh, now I remember, Slovenia”, Prussia said while rubbing his head, “Oh man, I can’t believe it”. “Nobody can, right Sealand?” Slovenia turned to Sealand and Sealand nodded, “That’s right; the lad took us by surprise”. Slovenia offered her hand to Prussia, “Come Prussia, we have to go”. Prussia grabbed her hand and got up, “Okay…? But where to?” He asked her. Both of them started walking, followed by Sealand and Latvia, “We have to meet up with America”, she calmly said. Prussia stopped walking and quickly released his hand from Slovenia’s, “WHAT?! He’s here too?!” he yelled. Latvia rapid
:iconboricuandrawer:BoricuanDrawer 5 9
Sketch dump - Ponytalia by I-AM-M-O-I Sketch dump - Ponytalia :iconi-am-m-o-i:I-AM-M-O-I 29 10
Dreamtalia (Chapter 1)
Italy panted as his footsteps slowed to a halt, his knees bending as he set his hands on them, “ah... ah… I-I don’t know how.. ah… much I more can run…” he breathed heavily as he wiped his forehead to clean his flesh of any beads of sweat. He glanced up vaguely to the cloudless sky containing the relentless sun whom today was not his friend before back to the track, almost unable to see his commander anymore while he continued to run. How the heck could a man be so fit??
But of course it’s Germany so he can always do this so greatly!
Germany looked over his shoulder with a disapproving frown, raising his voice as he spoke, “Keep up, Italy! We still have one more lap to go!” Germany looked forwards once again, mentally adding ‘If I didn’t keep slowing down for you, you’d be four laps behind’.
The German watched the track fly by beneath his military boots, the brim of his hat helping in shading
:iconkyokyo866:KyoKyo866 78 6
fire walk by Apofiss fire walk :iconapofiss:Apofiss 19,813 629 England and the Fly by Ezia-Auditrice England and the Fly :iconezia-auditrice:Ezia-Auditrice 385 119 Mariposa. by NiosKlastenos Mariposa. :iconniosklastenos:NiosKlastenos 41 8
The Little Russian Mermaid Ch1
Chapter 1
Ivan sighed, "Another cold day, its sad да?" He looked up at the shining surface, "I wonder how warm it is up there"
"B-but, my Prince," he stuttered "Y-you know you a-are forbidden to go up there"
"Silly Toris" giggled Ivan "Who said I'm going up there?" Ivan's smile grew, making the Lithuanian servant tremble "Y-you're r-right! W-who would want to g-go up t-there? O-only idiots would want to g-go up there!" Toris laughed lightheartedly only for it to die slowly as her heard a faint "kolkolkol" from Ivan
"Ah, I'm sorry Prince Ivan, b-but-"Toris was cut off by the bells low chime and he sighed thankfully "We're going to be late for your rehearsal my Lord, please let's go before the priest gets angry"
"Да" Ivan and his servant swam quickly towards their frozen castle. It's been frozen ever since Ivan can remember, and the water always below freezing. Ivan hated it, ever since he was little he always wanted warmth, a place where he can grow his un
:iconmrstrickster:MrsTrickster 13 28
[Rochu] Four Thousand and Winter by ChinChuan [Rochu] Four Thousand and Winter :iconchinchuan:ChinChuan 233 30
The Brave Tin Soldier
Chapter One: Beginnings (Prologue)
       When Ivan first saw Yao, it was an accident. He was ten at the time, and was supposed to be helping his elder sister with their master's laundry. However, while walking down the hallway, near his master's quarter's, a colorful blur distracted him. While Katya continued walking, Ivan stopped. Looking around, and seeing no one else in the hallway, he snuck over to the slightly open sliding door, where he had seen the blur.
His eyes widened when the blur became the figure of a dancer. The dancer was the slightest bit taller than he, and as foreign as his master. Only the dancer was far more beautiful. The dancer moved gracefully, as if floating on air. In the dancer's hands were paper fans, adorned with ink characters Ivan didn't understand. The dancer was clothed in a red robe, with long hair that was dark as night and pulled up into a loose bun at the nape of her neck.
Ivan's breath was taken away. He looked do
:iconqueenoftherock:QueenOfTheRock 6 8
APH - England is Watching You by chocolatkeroppi APH - England is Watching You :iconchocolatkeroppi:chocolatkeroppi 75 27 APH - Aniki is Watching You by chocolatkeroppi APH - Aniki is Watching You :iconchocolatkeroppi:chocolatkeroppi 27 37 Love at a Distance by KeitorinDESU Love at a Distance :iconkeitorindesu:KeitorinDESU 7 2 Dreamtalia cover by KeitorinDESU Dreamtalia cover :iconkeitorindesu:KeitorinDESU 15 6


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Laughs evily. Yes, it is I, the great echodvcc, and you've got to deal with it. I'm
currently seventeen, and I am an artist. I'm also a musician, a writer, a puzzle fanatic, and a pro at Bloons Tower Defence 4.

I am a fan of Invader Zim, Avatar, Naruto, Vocaloid (esp.SoE), the good side of the
Hetalia fandom, and Fullmetal Alchemist. Don't forget to look at my favorites.

I like to draw my pictures in pencil first, then color them with colored pencils. Sorry if you think my pictures seem a bit dull in color. I actually colored them brighter than they look, but my printer really isn't the best when it comes to scanning. I have, so I can take digital requets.

I have been translating anime related songs for a couple months now and am working on Vocaloid, so if you want any piano translation for anime, just request and I'll consider them if they're not too fast or complicated. I'm not the best when it comes to tempo, and the songs won't be perfect, but I try my best.

I also like writing stories, seeing how I've been doing it ever since I was like six. When it comes to fanfics I'm best with one shots. I working on a book at the moment, and it's taking forever to get through.

I would really appresiate it if you would comment on my work, because I'd like to know how well I'm doing. Flames will be bended.

I'm always open to requests because I frequently get artist block. Not fun! I can accept pretty much anything. The only things I wouldn't take are sexual/nude pictures. Blood and gore is awesome.

My favorite song (Laughing) was written by my favorite singer (David Van Cortlandt Crosby) and is on my favorite album (If I Could Only Remember My Name). Pretty cool, huh?
:iconrussiarapefacepls: :iconzimla-plz: :iconjeffsogladplz: Zim and Ivan make Jeff happy!~
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I'm going to add a list of all the cartoon parings I support. Keep in mind though that with a few exceptions, these are all BFF parings, not romance. Kataang, Sukka, Zumai, ZaDF, RaPF, GaSkF, GerIta, USUK, RoChu, AusHun, PruCan, GreJap, AsaKiku, SpaMano, GerChibi, LietPol, GerPru Brochesse, Elric Brocheese, Kagamine Brocheese, Riza/Roy, Ed/Winry, Kaito/Miku, PadLock

I'm Famous Stamp by Khrinx Bromance not Romance by xFuture-Toldx Killing favourite characters Stamp by Nutty-Nutzis Character Abuse Stamp -Male- by ChimeraDragonfang The real meaning of hetalia by octavaluna-801 Invader Zim Is Awesome Stamp by MoonprincessofDoom :thumb308606257: Bromance not YAOI by gamegod93 Ed And Al Elric Stamp by Ishkie Neah Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist Royai Stamp by Colonel-Chicken Vocaloid Stamp by erikagrace303 -UPDATED- EdWin stamp by rhr-forever Stamp - Story of Evil by Emiliers :thumb489050776: FMA-Twilight Stamp by Rika24 APH: Ludwig x Feliciano Stamp by Chibikaede APH USUK Stamp by Fannochka ZaDf Stamp by AikenLugiA Invader Skoodge Stamp by schwarzekatze4 Professor Membrane Toast Stamp by MasterGallade


That means NO amnesia, NO coming back, and God totes putting Germany's soul in HRE's body and HRE going to Heaven. My HC is canon!!! Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Though according to the Unification strip that means that HRE's body wasn't inhabited between 1806 and 1871. Even with slow decomposition that's just disgusting. Now all we need is Prussia's death strip at the very end of the series (I sent a request Devilish . You know you want it...) and Baby Josef to make up for the time between 1945 and 1947.

I'm going to epic fangirl now.

  • Listening to: Proof of LIfe
  • Reading: The Skinjacker Trilogy
  • Watching: Steven Universe



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